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This may be the wrong time to post this question, but if you see it and
know someone who could answer this for me, I'd appreciate it if you'd pass
it on:

We are investigating several automation systems including:  Winnebago,
Follett, Alexandria, Athena and SIRS.  We are very involved in resource
sharing in our school district and with outside libraries (public, special,
academic), and want to continue that sharing.  Is anyone right now running
one of the forementioned systems on the Web and sharing resources
(databases) with state library systems?  We want to know how this is
working out.  Have you ever brought your system or the state system to a
complete halt when too many users are trying to access your system?  Does
it slow the system down?  Are you allowing access in the library, in
classrooms, labs and from homes simultaneously---say 300+ users at a time?

OCLC has a new piece of software called "SiteSearch WebZ", which provides a
common user interface to all users, allows for multi-database searching and
gives authorization control.  Is anyone out there using this with any of
the above-mentioned systems and how is it working for you?  A school in
Arkansas mentioned a product called "Innovative Interface, Inc.", which
sounds as though it may be similar to SiteSearch and I'm wondering: 1. if
it is and 2.  if it works.

In a nutshell, what I'm trying desperately to find out is if there are any
schools out there right now that can simultaneously search their state
system or another large consortium that is on a different system from the
school system (Example:  state is on DRA; you are on Follett).  As we make
our decision, we want to be sure that the system we choose will fill future
needs as well as immediate ones.  Any help will be much appreciated!


Konnie Wightman, Library Coordinator
Bismarck Public Schools
1107 Airport Road
Bismarck, ND  58504
Office:  701-221-3597
Fax: 701-221-3454

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