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Here's another "Hit" on the email access in Europe. Several more letters
came in after the original "Hit" was posted and these have great info as
well. THANKS to all who contributed! (The names follow their contribution).
The last one is extra special - from a listserve member in Bangkok! Enjoy!
 -Joanne Ladewig, Information Center Director, Fairgrove Academy

Since you are on an ISP and not AOL or Compuserve, it is easy for your
daughter to send mail if she has access to a computer.  Most public
libraries have terminals that you can use for a nominal fee.  She will need
to go to the Mailstart web site which is http://www.mailstart.com and type
in her login and password.  She will then be able to send email using her
regular Internet account.  I did this on a trip through Australia and New

    I have a friend (teacher) who is traveling across Europe right now with
her 17-year old daughter (via the Girl Scouts--and youth hostels).  She is
sending me emails of her trip at her stops at different hostels.  I don't
know how accessible it is at different locations but she is apparently
having no problem.  I got a note yesterday from Switzerland.

    My son went to France two summers ago and bought a phone card there
for $8.00.  He called us three times so it must have been for an hour's
worth of time.   He may have bought it in Paris since he stayed with a
family for a week there first.

On a recent trip to Spain, we also found Internet terminals in the train
stations of Madrid and Barcelona. They were coin operated and people were
using them, so they must have worked!
Don't ya just love technology??!

*****The next letter is very special! I want to thank Mona in BANGKOK,
THAILAND! Her response was the only one from outside the U.S. and I did not
edit it - English is not her first language, but I think she did very well!
Thank you Mona!

Don't worry about email and computer in Europe!! I come from Switzerland
(the French part), and i've been traveling all around in Europe. France
(so close from my place), Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium,
Pologna... and all in those country, you always can find a computer.
The best way is to just have a Hotmail or Yahoo adresse, and then, find
a Cyber Cafe. There is  not really a computer in the train station (or
library or youth hotel, but they know where you can find it) but, in
every city, you can find easily a Cyber Cafe or Cyber Restaurant. It's
always in the center. Even when i was in Pologna or in Moscow, there
were plenty of computer around, and i was the first one to be amaze.
Personnaly, i don't think that your daughter need a mobile phone. Once
again, she can buy a phone card for a certain amout (and phone from
every phone box) or go in the post office, and also ask for a collect
call phone.
I guess she will travelling by train, if she do, she's better to buy a
"Inter-Rail" ticket. It's a ticket you buy not only for one country but
by area. Once she have this ticket, she will be able to go all around,
by train, bus, boat without paying anything more.

Hope she will enjoy her trip, did she know where exactly they want to
stop in France? And if you want more info, i will be happy to answer!!
bye, Mona
Ps.: Now, i'm working in a library, in Bangkok. So, i'm still dealing
with email or phone fare away from my home, with my parents!

Joanne Ladewig
Information Center Director
Fairgrove Academy
(a K-8 public school focusing on the Visual and Performing Arts, and
La Puente, CA
jladewig@ns700-1.enet.hlpusd.k12.ca.us     (all lower case)
home email: shatz@lightside.com

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