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Dear Netters,
     I am usually a smart shopper, but I did something stupid
the other day, and would like to know if I overpaid for
     I have been subscribing to H. W. Wilson's Reader's
Guide Full Text Mega Edition on CD ROM for years.  We received
monthly networkable discs accessible throughout our building for
     Since renewal time is upon me, and since we have had trouble
getting the discs to run lately, I decided to look into replacing
my disc subscription with a Web-based version of the same product.
I called the sales rep and told him I was considering switching
to WilsonWeb if I could afford it.  He said he didn't know the
price because he was new, but would get back to me.  He asked
how much I considered affordable, and stupid me said I was currently
paying $2195 for the discs, so I couldn't afford much more.  Well,
he called back later to say, miraculously, that the price for
Web access is $2195!
     This seems quite coincidental to me, and since web prices seem
notoriously "flexible," I think one of two things happened:
either WilsonWeb is actually more expensive, so he gave me a
break to get me on board, OR, the price could have gone a lot
lower, but since I said I had that much to spend, that's what I
got charged.  Cynical me thinks this might be the case.
     So, if you subscribe to WilsonWeb, would you please tell me
how much you pay a year for Reader's Guide Full Text Mega edition
with unlimited site license and remote access?  Also, please tell
me what grade levels you serve, and how many students you have,
since that may influence pricing.  I am in a 9-12 high school of
about 475 students.  If I find out some of us are getting "sweet
deals," I will share that information with the rest of us so
we can better negotiate in the future!  And if I find out that
some of you are paying much less, I will call that sales rep back
and re-open the discussion!
     Thanks for any information you can share.

                     ||        Bonnie | Fulmer       ||
                     ||   Spackenkill | High School  ||
                     ||    112 Spack- | enkill Road  ||
                     || Poughkeepsie, | NY   12603   ||
                     ||  voice: (914) | 463-7810     ||
                     ||    fax: (914) | 463-7817     ||
                     ||   gbf1@maristb.marist.edu    ||

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