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I have been using Powerpoint for the last year to teach Library and
Technology skills. I found I kept the student's interest much longer using
it. I would teach a new online database going directly online and would often
have down time and the sites sometimes would load up very slowly. I would get
disgusted and I would lose the students. So now, I capture images of the same
pages and write on them and add animation. Some are better than others due to
time and preparation.
For the last 3 years we have been purchasing 3 laptops to go into classrooms.
The teachers apply for them. They then receive the laptop, something to
project it on to (video projector or tv input device) and powerpoint. It has
been very successful. There are 9 soon to be 12 teachers then. They prefer a
video projector for projection. We will be up to 4 of those on carts for
teachers to check out from the media center.
I just got a new job at Ingham ISD as Coordinator of Media and Technology so
my position is now vacant. I plan to continue using powerpoint when
conducting workshops in the tri county area on integrating technology in to
the classroom. Once I transfer my files, I could send you one of the
presentations as an example. I am going from MAC to IBM so I have not done it
yet and I have only been on the new job for a week. Let me know.

I have had 7/8 grade students use Power Point for presentations which
included: Inventions, Energy Sources, Environmental Issues....  I gave
students options on how they could present their information/project to the
class (video tape, tape recordings, and Powerpoint).  I have found that the
students love creating the Powerpoint presentations.  They are able to scan
pictures and include those in their presentations, input graphs and charts,
and use clip art.

I am the media specialist at a middle school in North Carolina.  We have 4
computer labs so we are heavily into technology.  Our language arts teachers
use power point for book reports and other presentations relating to their
curriculum.  A 6th grade science teacher and I collaborated on a unit on owl
pellets- the power point presentation was the graded part of this unit. It
encompassed the lab and book part of the unit.
The social studies teachers used power point to evaluate the units on
everything from the Titanic to the Civil War.
The AG(gifted) teacher used a great deal of inclusion and worked with the
language arts teachers to produce several power point presentations on
various subjects.
The eighth grade science teacher had the students use powerpoint for their
insect collection instead of a physical one. Each student or group had a
different order. I observed these presentations and they were great.
These are but a few of the ways our teachers use powerpoint. Hope they help.

I have used Power Point some in the media center in videos I made with
students.  We used Power Point at different spots in the videos since we
didn't have lots of other video equipment.  We used it for the titles
and credits, etc.

However, some teachers at my school used it for classroom projects.  One
I am familiar with was a language arts teacher who used it as a
different and creative way for a book report.  Students were doing
biographies but instead of just writing it up or giving an oral
presentation, she taught them to use Power Point in the computer lab and
they made their book report into a power point presentation.  That gave
them the ability to be creative and use pictures and sounds and whatever
format they chose.  Plus, the students had lots of fun with this since
most had never used Power Point before and it was a fun way to combine
computers and books.  They had to read the book first to have
information about their person, but how they presented was then up to
them.  I don't know if this helps but I know the students really enjoyed
this project.

I am a media specialist at a high school in West Columbia, SC, and have used
PowerPoint often with my classes. I have several presentations that I have
used and will develop more later this summer. I have one for orientation,
another for our Unison catalog, another for basic search strategy. I also
have several electronic databases that we subscribe to for the school I have
developed lessons for staff development and student instruction. Basically
the lesson is similar, but the focus is different. Because PowerPoint is
such an easy, flexible program (I use Office 97) I can link out to the web
or capture screen shots to just show what the page looks like. Our teachers
are developing ppt shows for almost all the curricular areas, esp science
and language arts. (These are the departments that hopped on the bandwagon
first!) A few teachers now require a PowerPoint presentation in addition to
a traditional research paper. The students love doing these and work harder
on these than is required because they know they are going to have to show
these to their peers. The students are wonderfully creative and I enjoy the
challenge of helping them figure out how they can achieve the effect they

Geography teacher-
  Individual presentations on a particular state by 9th graders. Given to
any 4th grade level teacher who might want to use it when they were done
since it was taught on that level too. She plans to do country ones also
this year. This was a part of a project- not the whole. The kids got adept
very quickly, most had not used it before.

Several other teachers are now having them do things like personal
portfolios, reports on decades in time and such. It seems best when it is a
part of a project. Several collages around are requiring students to
present w/Powerpoint for a major portion of their grade for a course.

I plan to have student aides design an orientation presentation for the
media center, and perhaps ones to introduce searching skills this year.
This is only my second year at the high school level and student aides
weren't used before so I'm still feeling my way.

Our middle schoolers did a cute presentation for the last day of school.  It
was fun to see faces of the various authors of the individual slides!
I wanted to do library orientation on it.  But summer is going so fast!  I
leave soon for 3 weeks in Europe, visiting former exchange students, and then
a week after we get back, we get a Ukrainian daughter and school starts.
Have you seen Power Tools: 100+ Essential Foms and Presentations for your
School Library Information Program  by Valenza?  I have it here to
contemplate this summer.

I use it in the English classroom for all kinds of things.  Whenever I have a
unit that includes lecture and notetaking, PP is an option.  I have also used
it twice for photo slide shows of field trips and special events (senior
night, for example).

Thanks for responding,
Maggie Bollar, English Teacher
Western Hills High School
Frankfort, KY

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