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Hi!  I am in an elementary school but I think this question can go to all.
We are trying to figure out the best way to handle multiple copies of trade
books.  We have had an infusion of money and have bought sets of different
titles.  In the earlier years, there was a separate Instructional Resource
Room upstairs from the library where multiple sets were stored as well as big
books.  There was a separate sign out up there.  One problem was the room was
actually a teacher's room and teachers seeking materials felt they might be
interrupting going in there.  Also, since the room was often empty of people
(I know I just contradicted myself) there was no regular oversight of who was
taking out what.  Part of me wants all those materials in the library so I
know what all the resources in the building are (I REALLY don't need to
replace a missing library copy of Brown bear, Brown bear if we have 15
paperbacks do
I?) and so that I really am THE hub for materials in the building.  How do
you guys manage this issue?  By the way, I am not automated (yet) and have no

And, while I am at it:  Is there a way to store BIG books that does not take
up a lot of wall space in those big blue hanger things?  I have no wall space
but would like those in the library too.

Thanks.  I look forward to your answers.
Nancy Westendorf, Librarian
Community School 14 PreK-5
Rochester, NY

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