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 I, too, have had personal items missing/taken over the summer so I no
longer leave them there. At the end of every school year I pack a box or
two of my things and bring them home. I do this because the library is
never locked during the summer. It is used for meetings, storage, school
registration, etc. and I don't disagree with it being used. Summer school
teachers are encouraged to plan with me before school is out so I can offer
assistance with any special needs they may have. Some are easy to work with
and I can keep track of equipment. Others will come in and remove
materials; since I did not complete inventory this spring I will not be
terribly surprised by the results in the fall.
 One time I came back to my room following an after school workshop. I
unlocked my door to find a custodian sitting in my office at my desk
reading a magazine. I had locked all the doors and the main room was
available, but .....
 I would encourage Sandy to speak with her principal at some point. If he
is new he may not have thought about/known what was happening when he gave
a key to the other teacher; this might be easily resolved. If he doesn't
understand now, he might during the coming year. Imagine the teacher that
planned on using equipment, materials and because someone else was allowed
in a restricted area....this would illustrate the need for security. If
that doesn't make an impression then you may have to recognize the fact
that you can only do so much. If it isn't important to administration....

Nancy Voltmer, Media Specialist         voltmer@netins.net
Saydel High School
Des Moines, Iowa

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