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Dear Colleagues,
        I have been hosting a lovely, young Japanese woman who has been in
the U.S. since January teaching at a school in a small Pennsylvania town.
A librarian friend of her host requested a place for her over the Internet
to stay while visiting Philadelphia and I offered.  She has been with me
for three weeks and in a couple more weeks her husband, also a teacher, is
coming from Japan. They will do some sight-seeing on the East Coast ending
their trip at Disneyworld and then fly back to Japan.
        She has a dilemna.  She has reservations this weekend to see a
concert in Tanglewoo and then two more on consecutive nights in Manhattan.
She has a place to stay Saturday night in Tanglewood but not Sunday and
Monday nights in Manhatten.  She is afraid to travel to my sister's place
in Brooklyn late at night after the concerts. Reservations are at a premium
and prices way out of reach for Manhattan hotels.
        So, I thought it might not hurt to put out a plea to any of you who
may live in Manhattan, by chance, and might be gracious enopugh to give
Masami a bed to stay in for those two nights - July 11 and July 12.   I'm
sure she wouldn't mind paying a small fee for breakfast, etc.
                Thanks!  Sandy P. in Philly

"It's got to be the going not the gettin' there that's good." Harry Chapin
in song "Take the Greyhound"
"But then, you could go both ways!"  Scarecrow in movie "The Wizard of Oz"

Sandy Pomerantz, Librarian
Central East Middle School
236 E. Wyoming Ave.
Phila., PA 19120
(215) 456-3037

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