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I understand the issue that you feel that this is your private office,
private space; however, I am of a different mind. I do not feel that the
Technology Center here at school is MY room, anymore than I feel the library
belongs to the librarian...or a teacher's room is theirs...We are public
employees; therefore, the rooms and everything in them belong to the

I realize this will probably be an unpopular opinion, but this is an issue
which I feel is very basic. It is like email: I have my own personal email
for just that...personal business...I also have email through my
school/district...While NO ONE should/could read my personal mail, I FULLY
understand that email supplied to me by my district is just that...district
owned and sanctioned...and they have the right to read any/all of it...it
belongs to them...

Perhaps the best way to handle this is to approach your new principal and
explain that you feel that this has always been your personal space and want
a clarification as to any change in "policy".

You always have the right to vent and express your feelings in a public
forum, I would never apologize for that...

I don't want to begin a lengthy discussion, but the funny thing is that my
husband and I were just Saturday night discussing this very issue...and I
reiterated to him ..."The lab is NOT mine...it belongs to the public,
especially to the parents and the kids..." He said that the problem is people
take pride in their jobs and take ownership, without fully realizing that
public buildings are just that...public...Sadly, when WE are gone, the room
WILL "go" to the next person!" lol
(He works at a university).

NOW...ON THE OTHER HAND...STAY OUT of my home office!!! ;-)))
Jane ;-)
Jane Coffey
President/Founder The Read In!
Dennis Earl Elementary
Technology Support Specialist
Turlock, CA

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