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I am a librarian in a K-4 school.  This past November I was called in to the
assistant principal's office.  She had a Jump Magazine on her desk.  She
asked "You don't put this out do you?".  I looked at the headings on the
magazine---"how to keep a man". I asked her where the magazine came from.  It
was addressed to the school in care of me.  I assured her that this magazine
was not being displayed in our library and it must have been a mistake.
However, I received a copy of the magazine again in December---this one
created quite a stir with the secretaries---"bare naked" was in one of the
titles.  I finally called our district Library Consultant---and was told by
her secretary she was also receiving the magazine.  To make a long story
short---seems the magazine was new and the publisher decided to send every
school in our district a free subscription.
  I would like to suggest before subscribing to this magazine --- take a
look.  I know it is not intended for elementary (and maybe not some junior
high kids).  My niece in highschool has been receiving the copies I get at
school.  I asked for her rating of the magazine and she said it ranks
somewhere between "OK" and "Lame".

Anna Russell
Thompson Elementary
Aldine ISD
Houston Texas

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