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Re: TARGET: Translation web sites 05/19/99 Urce
elibrary 05/19/99 Helen Dittmer
HIT: books on elements 05/19/99 Elizabeth Bentley
Re: Reference Service to Children 05/19/99 Veronica Stevenson (mtv)
Prof. Summer Reading - New way to make list 05/19/99 Picone's
HIT:Library lessons websites 05/19/99 Carmen Atkinson
Fw: AR and Reading Counts incentive programs 05/19/99 d.moll
Gen: Suggestion for name needed 05/19/99 Carin Barwick
Fw: ELEM teaching ideas for Wizard of Oz 05/19/99 d.moll
AASL members named Library of Congress American Memory Fellows 05/19/99 Steven Hofmann
challenge:It's a Girl Thing 05/19/99 K. Shugrue
TARGET:NJ only:Battle of the Books 05/19/99 Anne Kellner
Florida Only: FAME/Winnebago Award 05/19/99 Nancy McIntire
HIT: Elem skills lab software 05/19/99 Broberg family
Reference service to children 05/19/99 Helen Spoon
Child_lit 05/19/99 snowm
Inventory & Rourke barcodes 05/19/99 Estelle Oyler
Tech: Kid Pix 05/20/99 Pat Wende
Gen: grants for reading materials 05/20/99 T. K. Cassidy
Gen: LA Times article: school library 05/20/99 Lisa Handelman
Book Reviews will slow 05/20/99 Frederick Muller
GEN: Old Readers Guide 05/20/99 Frederick Muller
Elem: Cleary series 05/20/99 Lyn Mathews
Paperback - Soldiers Heart by Paulsen 05/20/99 Frederick Muller
Target:Hardware for Spectrum update 05/20/99 Phyllis Novetsky
HIT: books for 1st grade orientation 05/20/99 Heidi Pedersen
Target: Plagiarized poem 05/20/99 judy gray
Hit: Reading Themes 05/20/99 Judy Schue
Accelerated Reader vs. Electronic Bookshelf/Reading Counts 05/20/99 Robert Epolito
block schedules 05/20/99 Bryce Johnson
TECH: Clearing cookies 05/20/99 Kay Goss
HS: Television families 05/20/99 Monica Minion
GEN: SEC: Grad. Tassels 05/20/99 Linda Smith
GEN: Love Canal Film 05/20/99 Richard R. Shook
HIT: Teachers' Feedback 05/20/99 Stephanie Fiedler
REF: Similar theme YA lit 05/20/99 Roselle Weiner
School Shootings 05/20/99 Lynn. Mitchell
TARGET:Video Booking Program 05/20/99 Kathy Lawson
another shooting 05/20/99 Shirley LeClerc
SEC: HIT: Tassels 05/20/99 Linda Smith
ELEM: stu.-made bookmarks 05/20/99 Marcia Dressel
Potential Student Walk out? 05/20/99 Carolyn Gierke
Tech 05/20/99 Ashley Robinson
GEN: Jobbers vs. Publishers 05/20/99 Linda Wolfgram Kramer
Shootings in Atlanta GA HS 05/20/99 Janell Brown
Parody of Frost's Stopping by Woods 05/20/99 Debby Klug
Re: School Shootings 05/20/99 Susan Grigsby
Re: ELEM: stu.-made bookmarks 05/20/99 Susan Grigsby
TARGET: Drama Curricula 05/20/99 Diantha McBride
Covering computers 05/20/99 Madeline L. Buchanan
Counters-Webpage-Connecticut 05/20/99 Carol Weinshel
Keene question answered 05/20/99 Jane Dodson
thanks(online databases) 05/20/99 Connie Sullivan, Media Specialist
Re: Potential Student Walk out? 05/20/99 Carolyn Gierke
Re: Reference Service to Children 05/20/99 J. Kimball
Opinions on Lowry's, Stay!:Keeper's Story 05/20/99 Jane Dodson
tech: VHS-C Camcorder 05/20/99 Diane VanGorden
Block Scheduling 05/20/99 Tinye Harding
crossstitch patterns 05/20/99 Ken Hawley
modern physics 05/20/99 Carolyn Gierke
POEM needed 05/20/99 Diane VanGorden
Job Opening-Bradford, NY 05/20/99 Linda Nichols
HIT: MID/SEC: PR 05/20/99 Robert Melgaard
SEC: Weekly science mag 05/20/99 emily mulch
HIT: video on playground supervision 05/20/99 Kathy Graves
HIT: Video Licensing 05/20/99 Marcia Dressel
No Subject 05/20/99 Gregory Meece
ELEM:CT only 05/20/99 Debra Kilcup
Target:Chapter 4 Standards in PA 05/20/99 Wilma Wolner 18:36:42 1999Lisa Teixeira <LTeixe6156@AOL.COM>
PA Only 05/20/99 Marie A. Baker
PA ONLY 05/20/99 Marie A. Baker
Covering Computers for Summer 05/20/99 Ludwick Mary
trees 05/20/99 Maureen Meyer
TARGET: Quotation Needed 05/20/99 Dawn Lee
No Subject 05/20/99 No Author
Headlines Extra -- Libraries 5/20/99 (fwd) 05/20/99 Andy Carvin
BOOK: Standing up to Mr. O. - Mills 05/20/99 Frederick Muller
BOOK: Dead man's hand - Cray 05/20/99 Frederick Muller
No Subject 05/20/99 No Author
MID: Outstanding novels 05/20/99 Anne S. Mangels
MID: Science read alouds 05/20/99 Anne S. Mangels
Re: Gen: LA Times article: school library 05/20/99 earl sande
Sweet 5th grader looking for a penpal in Florida 05/20/99 Cathy Rosenstock
seek typewriter reccomendations 05/20/99 Mary Ziller
TARGET: Online catalogs on Web? 05/20/99 Jenni Wright
Printing Bookmark addresses 05/20/99 Nancy Bentley
Target: retirement donation 05/20/99 Kuna Yankell
Re: HIT: Video Licensing 05/20/99 Dan Robinson
Hit:Decades book 05/21/99 Janet Pfadt
Target: Automation Migration 05/21/99 Karen McIntyre
Anyone migrated from Winnebago DOS to Athena 05/21/99 Karen McIntyre
Re: HIT: 4th grade Christmas book 05/21/99 Kathleen Fencil
Re: name for reading recovery group 05/21/99 Graham Small
Periodical storage 05/21/99 Edna Schroeder
seek typewriter reccomendations 05/21/99 Mary Ziller
HIT: term papers 05/21/99 Brenda H. White
inventory 05/21/99 Micky Carpinello
HIT: Food and Fiction 05/21/99 Robie Martin
MUST INCLUDE on next year's orders 05/21/99 Robie Martin

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