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Power Point Presentation 05/21/99 Dixie Hewitt
Job Opening: TEXAS 05/21/99 Deborah Chaney
Job opening: TEXAS 05/21/99 Heye, Annette
Gen: Infomine 05/21/99 Harry Willems
Report on moving 05/21/99 Lynn  Ward
Wanted: books about technique in various sports 05/21/99 Robert Hiebert
HIT:EL: Last class of the year ideas 05/21/99 Patricia Sonnet
Hit Plays on the net 05/21/99 Tammy Dineen
Telxon still for sale 05/21/99 Tammy Dineen
tech: athena? 05/21/99 George Boyer
Gen: Channel One 05/21/99 Sharron L. McElmeel
books on tape copyright question 05/21/99 nancy keane
Re: MUST INCLUDE on next year's orders 05/21/99 Robert Laramee
Wanted: Books about people & their environment 05/21/99 Robert Hiebert
Re: Gen: LA Times article: school library 05/21/99 Doyle_Tony
TECH: eudora 05/21/99 MELISSA MALCOLM
Re: GEN: Phi Delta Kappan and NASSP 05/21/99 Carolyn Pearl
MPLC (vid. licensing) Address 05/21/99 Marcia Dressel
Re: Trees 05/21/99 Maureen Meyer
HIT: Packing books for storage 05/21/99 Kathy Lynch
tech:Macs and converting movie player files 05/21/99 Barb Benkert
Re: Gen: Infomine 05/21/99 Harry Willems
bookmarks 05/21/99 jmoskowitz
HIT: student bookmarks 05/21/99 Marcia Dressel
HIT: research on reading scores and elementary libraries 05/21/99 Kathy Adin
student with low reading level 05/21/99 Joan McKenzie
GEN: Choosing a Unique Title for a Book 05/21/99 Carolyn White
HIT:EL: Last class of the year ideas 05/21/99 Josephine Dervan
Job opening: MN 05/21/99 Judith Anderson
TARGET: Quotation Needed 05/21/99 Dawn Lee
TARGET: Student Ownership of Copyright 05/21/99 Joni J Rathbun
Grace Films 05/21/99 Penny McAllister
HIT:Teacher computer-presentation stations 05/21/99 Jean Lowery
POEM: Casting Off 05/21/99 Rebecca Hickey
ELEM:book title help 05/21/99 Tracey Donaldson
position open 05/21/99 Courtney M. Laurie
Thanks to "Georgia ONLY and Peachstar" 05/21/99 Sonya Boyd
TECH: Transferring input box 05/22/99 rich tabis
Target: End-of -the -Year Schedule 05/22/99 Lori Lombard
TARGET: Internet filters 05/22/99 Linda Schloegel
GEN: Library Automation 05/22/99 woodsies
Target: Clarification of End-of-year inventory schedule 05/22/99 Lori Lombard
GREAT Author Visit 05/22/99 Rebecca Creswell
job posting 05/23/99 La
JOBS:New Hampshire 05/23/99 La
TARGET: GENERAL: Microsoft Fake Offer??? 05/23/99 Julia Henninger
Gen:Author vist recommendations 05/23/99 Josephine Dervan
Printers 05/23/99 Ashley Watson
Buying a laptop through the web 05/23/99 Gail Szeliga
Re: TARGET: GENERAL: Microsoft Fake Offer??? 05/23/99 Janice Ziglin
Re: Microsoft fake offer 05/23/99 d.moll
Mars project 05/23/99 Julia P. Sischo
"Performers" 05/23/99 rivy 1
HIT: Copyright and audio tapes 05/23/99 nancy keane
HIT: Ancient Greece sites 05/23/99 Linda Schloegel
GEN: LM_NET Etiquette File Updated (Rev. 5-99) 05/23/99 Peter Milbury
GEN: who has June '97 Phi Delta Kappan? need article 05/23/99 Johanna Halbeisen
GEN: Clueless administrators and a challenge to LM_NET 05/23/99 Johanna Halbeisen
Re: GEN: Clueless administrators and a challenge to LM_NET 05/23/99 Pamela Berberich
GEN: Book orders 05/23/99 Robie Martin
TARGET: Elementary Flexible Scheduling 05/23/99 Jane Rossi
Author Visits 05/23/99 Elizabeth Wellburn
ELEM: CT only 05/23/99 Nadine Lipman
HIT: K-12 Catalogs on the Web 05/23/99 Jenni Wright
JOB: Pennsylvania private school 05/23/99 Body, Mrs. Nancy
Hit:Tech Coor Job Description 05/23/99 Sharon Harmon
From CALIB: CA Job Opening 05/23/99 Susan Choi
Gen: BigSix ListServe? 05/23/99 Sherry Paul
KY Media Specialist: Donna Hornsby 05/23/99 Sherry Paul
Re: Shelf Labeling 05/23/99 Sandy Pomerantz
Re: GEN: who has June '97 Phi Delta Kappan? need article 05/23/99 Dan Robinson
Reviewed sites 05/24/99 Larry Jeffryes
Re: Rapunzel version other than Zelinsky 05/24/99 J. Kimball
Re: GEN: Clueless administrators and a challenge to LM_NET 05/24/99 Betty Dawn Hamilton
Re: GEN: Clueless administrators and a challenge to LM_NET 05/24/99 Jill Brown
Info literacy program 05/24/99 Caroline Petersen
Book: Button factory 05/24/99 Caroline Petersen
Purchasing a new printer 05/24/99 Chris Erickson
Target: Grant Wood Images 05/24/99 Sharron L. McElmeel
Target: Sec: Equipment Loans 05/24/99 Deanna Schumm
Winnebago inventory problem 05/24/99 Cheryl Sturgeon
Job Opening-GA 05/24/99 Airline Elementary School
REF: Psychological study on authority from 60s 05/24/99 Sandra Parks
Book Binding 05/24/99 Katrina Gormley
GEN: How do you handle pre-pub offers? 05/24/99 Gayle Hodur
Monday morning laugh 05/24/99 Barbara Kane
TARGET: Teaching Keyboarding - 4th Grade 05/24/99 Donna J Reidhead
Hit: Magazines for MS/HS Girls 05/24/99 Barbara Mierlak
GEN: ZapMe! computers 05/24/99 Judith Sheridan
Re: Monday morning laugh 05/24/99 engvallb
TARGET: Barcoding magazines 05/24/99 Mary Anne Thanos
Please forward to your art teachers 05/24/99 Milly Overeem
GEN:MARC RECORDS 05/24/99 Nancy Kramer
GEN: Book orders (Canadian Titles) 05/24/99 Randi Hermans
REF: Blurbs on Dust Covers 05/24/99 Sadie Hunt
TARGET : Hopscotch dimensions (especially Maryland) 05/24/99 Joanne Proctor
HIT : Summer websites 05/24/99 Joanne Proctor
Thanks for the PP Presentation Info. 05/24/99 Dixie Hewitt
GEN: Excellent Site 05/24/99 Roz Goodman
TECH: use of Elmo 05/24/99 Bonnie LaClave

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