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Library Media Specialist Job Opening 05/27/99 Linda Reilly
Gen: A HUGE Thank you! 05/27/99 Denell Hilgendorf
GEN: Need Your Comments On LM_Conf and LM_Chat for Review 05/27/99 Peter Milbury
Re: Clueless Administrators 05/27/99 Dan Robinson
HIT: Internet filters 05/27/99 Linda Schloegel
Target: Inventory/Caspr 05/28/99 Caroline Petersen
REF: poem called Rabhaw 05/28/99 Joan Dyer-Westacott
Key pals 05/28/99 Dianne & Ken Hager
Sports figures websites 05/28/99 Darby Shaw
Literary Terms and Picture books 05/28/99 Lois Smits
Bull Run--readers' theatre 05/28/99 Lois Smits
(no subject) 05/28/99 Sakina Hadi
Re: Clueless Administrators 05/28/99 David Lininger
EL: Scholastic Book Fair Title Needed 05/28/99 KAREN DEFRANK
Re: Good Non Fiction 05/28/99 David Schneider
Re: Clueless Administrators 05/28/99 David Schneider
GEN: LM_NET Address Management Tip 05/28/99 Peter Milbury
GEN:Mitinet/Marc 05/28/99 Librarian
Winnebago Conference in July 05/28/99 Lisa Keller
Need Recent Posting 05/28/99 Carolyn Gierke
Practical Guide to Int. Filters 05/28/99 Harry Willems
Re: Weird Reference ??? 05/28/99 Carolyn Gierke
GEN:Overdues and other fines 05/28/99 Sharon Blumenstein
GEN: Astute & Savvy Administrators 05/28/99 Jamie McKenzie
SEC: Reading Technique??? 05/28/99 Sarah Applegate
GEN: Have you used these books? 05/28/99 Megan Volmer
Illustrator info 05/28/99 Heidi Pedersen
HIT: HI/LO Books 05/28/99 Denise Brinker
Interviewing Principal Questions 05/28/99 Sarah Applegate
GEN: venting - lack of input 05/28/99 Debbie Stafford
Hit:Lower reading level books 05/28/99 Joan McKenzie
Target: Author info 05/28/99 Anita Bowman
HIT:NACHO RECEIPE: HIT #1 05/28/99 Kris Waymire
HIT:NACHO RECEIPE: HIT #2 05/28/99 Kris Waymire
Elem: Hockey Fiction 05/28/99 Bob Santella
HIT: Spanish CD Rom encyclopedia 05/28/99 Susan Ludvigson
BOOK: Cave-in - by Duey & Bale 05/28/99 Frederick Muller
Winnebago Spectrum photos 05/28/99 Slark, Geraldine
Clueless Administrators 05/28/99 D. Marger
Another AR request 05/28/99 Tracey Rice
SEC: Girls Romance 05/28/99 Tracey Rice
Re: library complaints 05/28/99 Wanda Nall
elem: wringer for 5th? 05/28/99 George Boyer
REF:tree launcher 05/28/99 Donna Carroll
ELEM:Morning Announcements Broadcast 05/28/99 Carmen Atkinson
Re: GEN: Calif Librarian & Set for Buffy T.V.S. 05/28/99 Dan Robinson
GEN: KidsConnect 05/28/99 Darcy Stepka
GEN: Research survey 05/28/99 Sharron L. McElmeel
HIT: Interviewing questions--LONG 05/28/99 Jeannine Towler (JJ)
GEN: Friends of Jeff Kirkpatrick 05/28/99 Peter Milbury
British video 05/28/99 LaVerne Petersen Ireland
Re: Sec: Successful overdue returns 05/28/99 Donna Steel Cook
inventory during the school year 05/28/99 Melvin Lader
Re: The power of LMnet 05/28/99 Pat Wende
Re: Clueless Administrators 05/29/99 Nancy Westendorf
REF: Book title help - Pickalilly? 05/29/99 Tracey Donaldson
Marine Science 05/29/99 Joanne Rilling
HIT : MID: SCHOOL NEWSPAPER 05/29/99 George O'Connor
GEN: Trip to British Isles 05/29/99 Lorraine LaPietra
TARGET: flex scheduling and pleasure reading 05/29/99 Christi Jo Kramer
Re: library complaints 05/29/99 earl sande
SUMMER READING FOR ADULTS 05/29/99 Sarah Sanford
Hit: Affirmative Action Sites/Info 05/29/99 Joy Hendrickson
Survival in the first year 05/29/99 Joy Hendrickson
Re: Four-year-old programs 05/29/99 Nancy Lieber
Target:Elem-Strategic Planning for Media Center 05/29/99 Cathy Atkins
Columbine donation 05/29/99 Mary Ann Ryan
Re: Columbine donation 05/29/99 Andy Carvin
ELEM: Book swap question 05/29/99 Johanna Halbeisen
Online Auctions (Buying a computer) 05/29/99 Gail Szeliga
seeking title:school for animals 05/29/99 Martha J Emrey
Re: Gen: "The Mummy" & racism 05/29/99 Delia Oralia Ordoņez
Vanishing Print Encyclopedias 05/29/99 Carlton Martz
Hit: Microsoft offer hoax 05/30/99 Julia Henninger
Athena inventory 05/30/99 Alison Freeland
Re: Vanishing Print Encyclopedias 05/30/99 Dorothy Tissair
The Mummy and racism Re: Gen: "The Mummy" & racism Re: Gen: "The 05/30/99 Sandy Kelly
GEN:RE Venting, lack of input 05/30/99 Debbie Stafford
HIT Summer reading for us 05/30/99 nancy keane
HIT?: Summer Reading List 05/30/99 Jody Newman
Re: Marine Science 05/30/99 Irwin - Maureen S.
Re: Vanishing Print Encyclopedias 05/30/99 bookworm@lightspeed.net
GEN: request for copies of Job Descriptions for Distance 05/30/99 Bill Siddells
The Cay 05/30/99 Rosemary Leonard
BOOK: For Mike - Sykes 05/30/99 Frederick Muller
Re: Vanishing Print Encyclopedias 05/30/99 Jonnie Jordan
Library complaints - success story 05/30/99 Madeline L. Buchanan
novels on video 05/30/99 Ann Piro
Re: HIT Summer reading for us 05/31/99 Sandra W. Griffith
good video for K-2nd graders 05/31/99 Herb Herzog
ELEM: Who has used Aventures in Colonial Amer series? 05/31/99 Johanna Halbeisen
ELEM: Have you seen the curric. binders from Demco? 05/31/99 Johanna Halbeisen
ELEM: lkg for Millbrook Place, beginning reader publisher 05/31/99 Johanna Halbeisen
GEN: Great Website for Spec Ed Teachers & Guid. Couns. 05/31/99 Dawn Sardes
"Revolutions" books request 05/31/99 Robert Hiebert
Middle/Sec: Source Evaluation 05/31/99 Clay and Jan Cole
TARGET: Non-traditional heroines for older readers 05/31/99 T. K. Cassidy
History/Lit connections 05/31/99 Joan Tweedie
Low-level reading for 11th graders 05/31/99 Mary Todd

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