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ELEM: Recommended titles/Countries 05/07/99 Marbeth Cornelius
Gen:May 6 Ch. 1 05/07/99 Jeannie Winters
Book care video for kindergarten 05/07/99 Bev Straneva
Re: JOBS:INDIANA 05/07/99 Kris Waymire
GEN: ASCD Role of School Librarian 05/07/99 Susan Choi
Stand-Alone Scanner 05/07/99 kathy wilson
GEN: Teacher shortages/Florida 05/07/99 Marbeth Cornelius
Hit: Poem, Louder than a clap of thunder 05/07/99 John Meckler
TECH: Buying Ink Cartridges in Bulk 05/07/99 Kay Goss
Quitting 8-block scheduling 05/07/99 Liberty CU#2
HIT: Peace books 05/07/99 Shaffer, Margaret
Help with poem 05/07/99 Miller-Breetz, Julie
GEN: Set your VCR's, folks! 05/07/99 C. Hoff
Checking out Books 05/07/99 Ludwick Mary
ELEM : Video needed 05/07/99 StarkN
GEN: Caricatures with blurbs that promote reading 05/07/99 Marti Elliott
HIT: Science Books 05/07/99 Marianne Beck
Re: checking out books 05/07/99 Nancy Voltmer
HIT: Removing Bookmarks 05/07/99 Lizz Timmons
Reluctant Readers 05/07/99 Ludwick Mary
Copyright/Wav files 05/07/99 Frederick Muller
Gen: 5th grade topic selection and Multi-Age class questions 05/07/99 Diane Fight
Damaged and Lost Book - Solution 05/07/99 Picone's
TARGET: ELEM: Contest ideas needed 05/07/99 Chuck Finnigan
GREET: Lori Korodaj 05/08/99 Lori Korodaj
GEN: National Teacher Exams 05/08/99 Alison Rees
Oregon Only: HS or YA Ref. resource 05/08/99 Georgia Richards
HIT: Grandmother Themed Books 05/08/99 Tracie Lake-Kinnaird
GEN : WEB linking to catalog 05/08/99 Duncan Grey
GEN : WEB linking to catalog 05/08/99 Duncan Grey
Re: GEN: National Teacher Exams 05/08/99 Suzanne Weinheimer
Target: The Class Play 05/08/99 Dawn M Sardes
Job Opportunity by The Bay 05/08/99 driskell
Re: Positive examples 05/08/99 Patricia Mathews
Bilingual books 05/08/99 Marna Grosenick
HTT: Elem. Civil War biographies 05/08/99 Kathy Zwyghuizen
Oregon HS LMS position 05/08/99 Georgia Richards
GEN: Positive image of Librarian 05/08/99 Josephine Dervan
Scandisk 05/08/99 Madeline L. Buchanan
Re: Lood at Dr.L Bk review 05/08/99 Susan Grigsby
target: battle of the books form? 05/08/99 J Fitzsimmons
Job Vacancy 05/09/99 Maggie Calcara
TARGET: Poem for HS yearbook 05/09/99 Cindy Denning
BOOK: The wings of a Falcon - Voigt 05/09/99 Frederick Muller
Target: Request for top10 Elem. Reference Books 05/09/99 Lori Lombard
WWII, MIA 05/09/99 jean rowan
GEN: Attending Taft Educational Center? 05/09/99 Rena Deutsch
Help Dealing with a Death 05/09/99 Josephine Dervan
GEN: Accelerated Reader levels and Athena automation system 05/09/99 murphy
BOOK: Help I'm trapped in my principal's body - Strasser 05/09/99 Frederick Muller
HUMOR 05/09/99 Suby Wallace
ELEM. MAGAZINES 05/09/99 Chris Morgan
TARGET: term papers 05/09/99 Brenda H. White
GEN: Graduation Quotes 05/09/99 Joanne Shawhan
GEN: Scrolling message board? 05/09/99 Suzanne Weinheimer
Superstition 05/09/99 Lucinda Wallen
Title needed 05/09/99 Nancy Stark
TECH: Web mastering advice 05/10/99 ELIZABETH A. KAMINETZ
Re: Title needed 05/10/99 Lyn Mathews
BOOK: My book reviews - next year 05/10/99 Frederick Muller
GEN: Fatima Secrets 05/10/99 Richard R. Shook
SEC: Homosexuality-links 05/10/99 Adam Janowski, Library Media Specialist
Re: Attachments 05/10/99 Laura Pearle
Re: Target: The Class Play 05/10/99 Charlotte Snyder
Middle Ages/Historical FIC 05/10/99 Marilyn G. Galsterer
Materials for Autistic Student 05/10/99 Stephanie Hodkinson
3rd grade lesson 05/10/99 Lauren Cavallo
Wichita KS positions? 05/10/99 Twana Weiler
JOBS: NY/VT Border 05/10/99 Virginia Morgan
Jobs & resumes online?! 05/10/99 Twana Weiler
Hit: Min. Competency - Levels 2 and 3 05/10/99 Susan Grigsby
ELEM: Flex Scheduling 05/10/99 Sandy Kelly
Riddle: Phonics 05/10/99 Mary Ludwick
Job Vacancy 05/10/99 Maggie Calcara
TIP: Books that smell "old" 05/10/99 Gayle Hodur
Riddle- Answers 05/10/99 Mary Ludwick
Student Hacking experience; WinNuke etc. 05/10/99 Keith Johnson
Current young adult authors 05/10/99 Liz Whyte
Mpls/St. Paul jobs? 05/10/99 Twana Weiler
Re: Student Hacking experience; WinNuke etc. 05/10/99 Brig C. McCoy
(Fwd) Re: Giving Tree 05/10/99 Selena Berdosh
HIT: HUES magazine 05/10/99 Jody Gerlock
Card Printing Software 05/10/99 A. Ross
High Interest/Cross Cultural 05/10/99 Patty Sands
UPDATED> HotList of K-12 Internet School Sites - May 7, 1999 05/10/99 Gleason Sackman
information literacy skills 05/10/99 Judy Benner
TARGET: Rats Saw God challenge 05/10/99 Patti Tjomsland
Peeling barcode labels 05/10/99 Sheryl Mackey
WinNuke sites on the Internet 05/10/99 Keith Johnson
HIT: Employment Ideas 05/10/99 Ann Marie Creegan
Re: TARGET: Rats Saw God challenge 05/10/99 Gordon Riley
Re: TARGET: Rats Saw God challenge 05/10/99 Anderson, Julie LHS-STAFF
REF:FBI indicators of violent behavior 05/10/99 Donna Carroll
Re: TARGET: Rats Saw God challenge 05/10/99 Steve Burstein
3rd and 4th grade read-aloud 05/10/99 Susan Grigsby
TECH: Monitor student computer screens 05/10/99 Kay Goss
Re: TARGET: Rats Saw God challenge 05/10/99 Audrey Glick
Re: Rats Saw God Challenge 05/10/99 Chehak, Ruie
Clairfication of Reluctant Reader Post 05/10/99 Ludwick Mary

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