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Re: ELEM: Kosovo relief 05/10/99 Sandra W. Griffith
Re: Rats Saw God challenge 05/10/99 Bill McLoughlin
REF: language translation 05/10/99 Rebekah Olson
GEN: O Barbie! O Ken! [need a script..] 05/10/99 Angus Saunders
class play alive and well 05/10/99 Chris Finer
GEN: Retirement prep and LM_NET archives 05/10/99 Rena Deutsch
gen-challenged books 05/10/99 Saran McDonough
Elem:Author from States 05/10/99 Linda Peterson
Re: Attachments 05/10/99 Dan Robinson Indexing Services
GEN: Edison Schools Project 05/10/99 Barbara Jones
Widescreen? 05/10/99 Kathy Graves
Re: Current young adult authors 05/10/99 Kathy Simonsen
Mac software to write a will 05/10/99 Cornfield Ann
Target: "odd" individuals 05/10/99 Janice Gumerman
REF: Brigadier General Jacob Smith 05/10/99 John York
HIT: WWI fiction 05/10/99 Norwalk Middle School
Tech: Children's Search Engines 05/10/99 Susan Brown
Re: 3rd and 4th grade read-aloud 05/10/99 Faith Van Putte
TARGET: Lincoln, NE jobs 05/10/99 Teresa Thompson
SEC:possible plagiarism 05/10/99 Cathy C. Kinzler
Re: Current young adult authors 05/10/99 Jana-Ruth Achbach
Re: Will software 05/10/99 Michael Bell
Re: 3rd & 4th Grade Read-Alouds 05/10/99 The Austin's
Re: Jobs & Resumes online 05/10/99 Michael Bell
Gen: Sad Silverstein news 05/10/99 Carin Barwick
Jr/Int. Human Body site 05/10/99 Pat Elliott
Gen: Language/library/map tools etc. 05/10/99 Pat Elliott
Gen: language translation 05/10/99 Pat Elliott
jr/Int: science experiments 05/10/99 Pat Elliott
gen: Gardner's MI 05/10/99 Pat Elliott
Shel Silverstein death 05/10/99 Barb Engvall
Host Libraries needed:99-2000 Book Bear Project! 05/10/99 Tony L. Pope
Thanks . . . 05/11/99 Kathy Graves
Lost Item Prices 05/11/99 earl sande
HIT: Interview Questions 05/11/99 Wanda Nall
Re: 3rd and 4th grade read-aloud 05/11/99 Patricia Mathews
Re: HIT: WWI fiction 05/11/99 Patricia Mathews
GEN: paperback supplier (NW) with good discount 05/11/99 Kathy Richards
Gen Elem: up to date books 05/11/99 Janet Selby
For Minnesota & Iowa 05/11/99 DOUG BANCKS
Tech: Monitoring software 05/11/99 Kay Goss
REF: voting rights in the colonies 05/11/99 Barb Benkert
Filtering 05/11/99 Viviane Lampach
"Out of the mouths of babes!" 05/11/99 Tammy Dineen
Gen: up to date books 05/11/99 Ken Umbach
Radio Shack electronic message board 05/11/99 Toby Zabinski
Books that support a theatre curriculum 05/11/99 judy gray
No Subject 05/11/99 No Author
TARGET: Number of employees in media center 05/11/99 Beverly Nelson
WHY ME? BY DAUGHERTY 05/11/99 Judith Marlin
_School Library Journal_ job opening 05/11/99 Minkel, Walter (Cahners -NYC)
Library Humor 05/11/99 Robin Nichols
TARGET: yesterday's mail 05/11/99 Betty Klein
time capsule story 05/11/99 Cheryl Fox
MID: SEC: Newsbank 05/11/99 Diane Moody
Hit: The Class Play 05/11/99 Dawn M Sardes
MID: Activity needed 05/11/99 Burlingame High School
GEN 05/11/99 Merrill Spaeth
GEN: Channel One broadcast 5/3/99 05/11/99 Bridgetown Junior High School
Re: Author information 05/11/99 Pam Thomeczek
3rd and 4th grade read-alouds 05/11/99 Cindy Denning
Elem: Travel Buddies 05/11/99 Barbara Stricker
Gen: school rules 05/11/99 Joan Dyer-Westacott
GEN: Writing Contest Help Needed 05/11/99 Linda Friedman
SEC: Sulieman the Magnificent 05/11/99 Carolyn Gierke
adult URLs 05/11/99 Karen Brostad
Target: PBS programs 05/11/99 Lois McDermott
Re: Who was/is Richard Riley? 05/11/99 W & S Koontz
GEN: Chairs 05/11/99 David Lininger
GEN: Opaque projector needed 05/11/99 Megan Volmer
ELEM: Magazine Suggestions 05/11/99 Micki Johnston
HIT: Kids serch engines 05/11/99 Betty Klein
Videodisc 05/11/99 Janet Hazen
Teachers Feedback 05/11/99 Stephanie Fiedler
HIT: Richard Riley 05/11/99 W & S Koontz
ELEM: book/tape sets 05/11/99 Laura Manthey
Source for Commercial Videos 05/11/99 Denise Brinker
GEN:Library Environment 05/11/99 Kristel Mayberry
Beaucoup or bouku 05/11/99 Tom Zarrilli
TARGET, ELE: South American Novel 05/11/99 Yapha Mason
HIT: Sustained silent reading 05/11/99 Carol Peterson
GEN: plagiarism software 05/11/99 Deanna Schumm
Re: Who was/is Richard Riley? 05/11/99 Carole Ashbridge
HIT: SSR correction 05/11/99 Carol Peterson
recipes 05/11/99 Helen Dittmer
Target: Elem. Vocab. Workbook 05/11/99 Linda Smith
GEN, SEC: Poem Author & Text Wanted 05/11/99 Joanne Shawhan
Gen: Eve 05/11/99 Harry Willems
TECH: Mac Virus Protection Shareware/Freeware/Software 05/11/99 Joanne Sullivan
Scholastic vs. Amazon 05/11/99 Belinda Holbrook
Re: Author information 05/11/99 Patricia Mathews
HIT: Dealing with a Death 05/11/99 Josephine Dervan
request for author addresses 05/11/99 susan gray
GEN: Book suggestions needed 05/11/99 Krantz Marcia
windows locking programs 05/11/99 George Pilling
Target: Video purchase information 05/11/99 Anne Anderson
Re: current young adult authors 05/11/99 Rena Deutsch
Target: Computer use guidelines for teachers 05/11/99 Michele L. Butler
Re: Scholastic vs. Amazon 05/11/99 bookworm@lightspeed.net
Suggestions for Travel Unit 05/11/99 Eileen A. Schauermann

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