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Do you really think we can get a handle on such horrific reasoning?
I wonder about the kids who say in the news that the tow kids were nice. I
heard a therapist say more than thirty years ago the therapy for teens was
extremely difficult in that by the time trust is established between the
therapist and the subject, other changes(physical, biological and
chemical have come into play.

To think of the cold, unfeeling scheming that equated human lives with
icons on a screen is more than chilling!!
The parents of all involved have to be mortified; parents of the kids will
never  find peace I am sure. The media, alone, can not be held accountable
for the failure of human decency to permeate their consciousness.
If this happened in NYC, the administrations would be in a world of
trouble.  Everything bad that goes on is blamed on the administration OR
THE CIRCUMSTANCES INHERENT in their respective environments. The
environments perceived by these kids were as toxic as
any the world has known.

Phyllis D. Fisher                       NYC School Library System
nycslib2@metgate.metro.org              131 Livingston St, Rm 510
(718) 935-4037                          Brooklyn, NY 11201

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