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The suggestion made yesterday that everyone write her will, in my opinion,
She has already made the statement that the ALA is causing her show
"technical difficulties," which means that she is more than a little
delusional herself.  To deluge her with letters from librarians will probably
be seen by her as a campaign of harrassment and incite further untruths.

The woman took a PR beating with the release of those nude photos, which
showed her up to be the phony she is.  She is now looking for
something--anything--to take the public eye off herself.  The internet, and,
by extension the ALA, happened to be handy.

IMHO, she suffers from delusions of grandiosity herself.  How else could her
ego be so large that she believes that she has the wisdom to be the moral
authority of the universe?

Her PHD is actually in physiology, not psychiatry, psychology, social work,
therapy, or counseling.  She, somehow or another, did get a post-doctoral
certificate in family counseling, but those get handed out like water through
many different unaccredited "schools" and mail order courses.  I was unable
to find out where this certification came from.

I count among my closest friends and relatives a good number of mental health
professionals, and the word that comes up most often in our discussions in
relation to the good "doctor," is "flake."  If she is a mental health
professional, then every teenager who is volunteering at your circ desk
should, as of now, be permitted to call themselves librarians.  She is on the
same level as Dear Abby, but I greatly fear that I unjustly malign Dear Abby
in saying this.

She trivializes the pain and serious mental health issues of the callers.  My
fear is that one of these days, someone is going to commit suicide after
hanging up with her.  It's a shame that this has to happen to open the eyes
of the public to how insidiously dangerous she really is.  Many of these
people have truly been victimized, are suffering terribly, and her response
is, in effect, "get over it."

What she does is all about self-promotion, ratings, and money.

Dawn Sardes

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