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Dear LM_Netters:

The grandmother of one of my colleagues passed away recently -- apparently
he was very close to her.  In place of flowers, cards, etc., the staff has
asked me to choose and purchase for them two books containing a grandmother
theme that we can be donated to the media center in memory of our fellow
staff member's grandmother.  I plan to purchase a special 'In Memory of...'
plate for the insides of the books.  What a thoughtful way to show our
sympathy.  Because this is such a special task, I'm asking for your help!  I
have looked in A to Zoo:  Subject Access to Children's Picture Books and
there are probably 250 books listed there with grandmother subject matter!
I want to choose two very special books and I can't possible look through
250 books!  Is there anyone out there who can recommend two well done books
that have a grandmotherly theme?  I would be ever so grateful!

My sincere thanks in advance!

Tracie Lake-Kinnaird, Media Specialist
Jefferson & Vandenberg Elementaries
S. Redford, MI

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