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Here is a copy of my original target followed by what I received and
what we have done to this point:

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: tar:need resource
Date: Tue., 20 Apr 1999 19:06:23 -0500
From: Rebecca Dann <rdann@jayco.net>

I need, as soon as possible, something to help our principal pull the
staff together. We need to regroup after a tough year in which there was
a disturbance caused by parents resulting in a firing and much gossip
and hurt feelings.  He asked me to find documents or books written for
schools on pulling together, or improving morale after turmoil.  I spent
several hours today looking through bookstore pages and ERIC and really
didn't find much.  Any suggestions?

Try one of Patricia Polocco's books. The Tree of the Dancing Goats is
about a small community.  There was illness, many people too ill to
prepare for the December holidays.  Those not ill prepared for their

She also wrote Chicken Sunday - about people coming together.

Mary Perine
Media Specialist
Cherry Drive Elementary
Thornton, Colorado 80233

The picture book "Come a tide" by Lyon tells of the spring floods
a rural neighborhood.  It's lighthearted, and at the end everyone
shovels out the mud and gets started again.  Not exactly your subject,
if you can't find anything better.....
Good Luck,
Linda Schloegel, Librarian
Carlton Oaks School
Santee CA

Secret pals? Begin a program where your school focuses on community
service. Take the entire staff to a conference together where they share
rooms and share rides. -Judy Wait, Pine Ridge School

2 or 3 day workshop called Skills for Living (a teacher preparation
The Company is Quest International, 537 Jones Road, P.O. Box 566,
Granville, OH  43023.  Phone
no. is 614-522-6400.  As I said this was around 8 years ago so I am not
sure if the co. is still in business.  Hope this helps.
Linda Smith, Lib.
Clinton High School

Troubled Village by Hepworth.

Hope this helps.
Gail Wellman
Roosevelt School

a book called Gung Ho - apparently has to do with people productivity,
which of course has to do with morale. This might be one for you to read
about on amazon.com.
Marylou Banks, K-12 Teacher/Librarian
Dubois Schools
PO Box 188
Dubois, WY 82513-0188

As you can see we came up with very little, and nothing professional or
oriented for education. At our faculty meeting our principal relayed to
us all the ugly gossip being promoted by a group af parents.  He then
spoke briefly about pulling together, and the senior English teacher
read _Come a tide_.  The principal then asked us all to come that
Thursday with ideas for "shovels we could use to dig in the mud to
re-find our buried treasure," which was a reference to the story.
Thursday's meeting was to go over our strategies, but it all boiled down
to professional behavior, being discreet, respecting privacy, following
rules and chain of command. The English teacher said she could not
believe when she paused during the story to have eye contact, how many
tearful faces she saw and many were those of our men teachers.  It is
truly a demoralizing situation to have to have such a meeting.  We are
hoping to rebuild our trust for each other and our rapport with our
school board and parents.

Rebecca Dann
MS/HS Library Media Specialist
Adams Central Community Schools
Monroe, IN  46772

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