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Hi Netters,Sorry it took me so long to post this hit. I've been going
round with
the kids in school about these magazines 'cause the Student Council
donated $100. for recreational magazines. Budgetary constraints forced
us to eliminate a lot of them the past few years, and the 'donors' want
to have their say in the selection.
As always, the group really came through, and I tried to thank everyone
as the responses came in. If I missed anyone, please forgive the
oversight.The list is a little long, so I split it (had no choice :o) -
it bounced back)Thanks again for all your help!

It is that time of year, isn't it! I've just spent two days struggling
to find good magazines for girls at my middle school. Girl's Life is
the only one I can recommend and it won't be read much by our 7th & 8th
grade girls because it looks too juvenile (and possibly because the
title has the word "girl" instead of "teen"). The articles in it are
perfect for those higher grades, but there are so many pictures of
"children" inside, they won't touch it. I have taken Teen People for a
year but it is very superficial and plays right into the "brainless
beauty" female role. But there is nothing else. Teen, Seventeen, YM
have gone beyond what 11 - 13-year-oldsshould be reading about
relationships with boyfriends and sexual know how. A few independent
magazines designed to have stories about real issues of interest for
girls have started - and then gone under. The publishing business is
very competitive. I can only hope one will make it someday and we will
have something to offer besides fluff.

When my school was grades 5-8 we took Girl's Life, American Girl, New
Moon, and All About You (put out by Teen magazine). Now that
5thgradershave gone back to the elementary, we still take these same
magazines. It is difficult to find magazines which have the things/ads
girls are interested in but aren't too mature. I am interested in what
magazines you subscribe to for your male readers.  Have you found a
"games" magazine (such as Electronic Gaming Monthly) that is not too
graphic? I need to address the list about this too.

My girls enjoy American Girl. I am in a K-12 library but I keep Jump,
Teen and Seventeen out of their hands. They scream and fuss but I feel
the other three are too advanced for them. It is becoming extremely
difficult to find magazine for the younger girls. Publisher want the
younger age groups but what they are pushing causes the lost of
childhood to soon, I believe.

Anne Kellner      :o)Let a smile be your umbrella :o)
Educational Media Specialist
High Mountain School
515 High Mountain Road
North Haledon, NJ 07508

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