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It's a Living--Careers for girls http://feminist.com/aliving.htm
New Moon Publishing--Hues http://www.newmoon.org/
Girls, Inc. http://www.girlsinc.org/
Girl Zone (webzine) http://www.girlzone.com/
These are personal recommendations. (Resource Center ManagerNational
Crime Prevention Council)

I have been really impressed with New Moon Magazine. They're website
address is http://feminist.com/nmoon.html   (Mackin Library Media)

American Girl was very popular with my 5th grade girls.

I like American Girl. It doesn't have any of the "Should I have sex
onprom night?" articles. The girls also enjoy Teen People.

I'm in a 5-8 school too, and we get American Girl, Girls' Life, and New
Moon(I think it's great, but hardly anyone reads it), and Teen. We did
have one parent complain about Teen for her 5th grader, but it seems to
me to be the least offensive of that genre (YM, Seventeen, etc.). I've
also seen the following recommended on LM_NET: Sixteen, and Jump.

I am in an elementary school so I cannot help you too much with your
magazine request. I recommend New Moon, but be careful. The J/F 99
issue had as a theme "coming of age," including a short piece on the
practice of female genital mutilation. Needless to say, I removed this
issue from my K-5 school's magazine rack.

I too am in a 5-8 middle school. I buy Teen, Jet and Girls Life for the
girls in my school.

We have 6-8 grade. I subscribe to "American Girl" and " Teen." I used
to have "YM" but felt uncomfortable with it and also didn't want to
spend money on two magazines that were that similar. Interestingly
enough, I took a vote and more students voted for "Teen" over "YM."
Best wishes.

I cover grades 6-8 in a shared 6-12 facility in an all girls school. We
buy very little in the way of popular magazines, but our favorites are
New Moon, and Girl's Life for MS's, and Jump is very popular, and much
less sensational than Glamour or Seventeen. Our upper schoolers really
wear Jump out--the articles are about relationships (but without the
heavy sex), makeup, nutrition and fitness, self improvement, families,
etc. It also *looks* very inviting. Hope this helps.

Anne Kellner      :o)Let a smile be your umbrella :o)
Educational Media Specialist
High Mountain School
515 High Mountain Road
North Haledon, NJ 07508

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