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Dan Robinson wrote:

> This has been discussed quite often on PUBLIB.  There are no laws
> restricting access to movies. The ratings are advisory only.

Yes, Dan, I understand the ratings *are* advisory only.  I watched the Town
Hall Meeting on MSNBC the other night when "they" discussed extensively the
Columbine shooting and the shooters.  Something was said about children
having access to violent movies.  Vice President Al Gore was questioned
about the fact that his wife was quoted as saying that she enjoyed _The
Matrix_ that has recently been released.  He defended the statement by
saying that it was an *adult* movie and was rated "R" so that children under
16 would not be viewing it.  WRONG!

We saw the movie this past Friday and as we walked out, a couple with a boy
about 7 years old walked out of the movie at the same time.  The child was
talking about what a *good* movie it was!  I, too, enjoyed the high tech
involvement and some of the special effects, but the violence was quite
disturbing to me (even though "good" triumphed over "evil" in the end).  How
can a library "police" something that not even all parents will abide by?

I wish Dr. Laura would go after the *industry* that produces such instead of
targeting libraries with her tirades!

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