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Good afternoon fellow LM_NETters!

The Weed of the Month web pages on May's topic of Vocational Trades have
been posted  at the following URL: http://www.sunlink.ucf.edu/weed/

Graduation time is life decision time for many high school students.
Non-college bound students face even more of a life adjustment than
those students continuing the formal classroom route. Accurate and
current information on vocational trades (both career and "how-to"
books) is very important for young people making life work decisions.
Job outlooks, work environment, and training in all the trades have
changed dramatically over the years. Has your collection kept pace?

The SUNLINK Weed of the Month Club is an effort to help provide School
Library Media Specialists with guidelines and suggestions for weeding
their collections a little at a time as well as for adding quality
materials. Included are sections on how to get started, the rationale
for weeding a topic area, criteria to consider, titles to consider for
weeding and titles to consider when replacing outdated materials. These
suggested lists are neither comprehensive nor authoritative.  You may
agree or disagree with some of the titles. That's fine! You may have a
more recent edition or version of a title that you would never consider
for weeding. Remember that weeding is always subject to your
professional judgment because you know your students and your curriculum.

When you have examined your school's Vocational collection and found
titles to weed, please email me at the address below and we will add
them to the list (without your name!). The same goes for terrific new
Vocational titles you would like others to discover. Please also share
your thoughts on weeding the Vocational collection with your fellow lm_netters!

It does not matter how many books you may have, but whether they are
good or not.  Lucius Annaeus SENECA (3 B.C.-65 A.D.)

Carol McWilliams
Assistant director, SUNLINK
Florida's K-12 Library Union Database

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