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I also listen to Dr. Laura when I can. And I agree with her on many
issues, and strongly disagree on some, specifically day care and
homosexuality. (not the 2 together!!)

She has publically stated many times that she has changed. She became
more religious and much more conservative after having her child 13 year
ago. I don't think someone should be condemned for changing views,
religions, opinions, philosophy, etc. I'm sure most of us have changed
alot since we were young.

It's funny, but I think in many ways she and Howard Stern are very much
alike. They both take bits of information and misrepresent them, rail
against them, and then are outraged when other people do the same thing
with bits of information about them.

She is clearly not representing the whole story about the ALA, and the
publicity arm of the ALA should take the matter into its control.

Sharon Hamer
Hopkinton Middle/High School
88 Hayden Rowe Street
Hopkinton, Massachusetts 01748

> ----------
> From:         Earl J. Moniz[SMTP:earlj@MONIZ.ORG]
> Sent:         Saturday, May 01, 1999 1:58 PM
> Subject:      GEN: Dr. Laura...
> <<File: Earl J. Moniz.vcf>>
> I made a trip to her web site specifically to find an email address
> ... she
> does not have one...
> There is also some information about her lawsuit to the nude pictures
> which
> are available of her on the Internet.  She dropped it.  Evidently,
> they were
> taken by a lover during an affair she had about a decade ago while she
> was
> still married . . .
> So, this moral high ground she seems to be standing on is probably
> quicksand
> ... and her attitudes on-air might be a facade since her personal
> beliefs
> don't seem to match... unless ... she has seen the light and changed
> her
> attitudes (at least in public and where people might observe her
> anyway) ...
> Perhaps these vocal secular "pillars of the community" have as many
> personal
> character deficiencies to hide as many of the vocal religious "voices
> of the
> straight and narrow" ... ?
> *****
> By the way, how many of us librarians advocate and support EVERY piece
> of
> the ALA program for patrons rights and freedom of access?  I wonder
> how many
> staunch ALA advocates have copies of Hustler and Playboy sitting at
> home on
> their coffee tables for all to peruse - their own children included?
> Or
> handy in their own private libraries . . .
> My point being: as librarians, I believe one of our challenges with
> our
> patrons is to guide them to all the tons of good stuff that they can
> use and
> read ... to get them hooked on quality print and Internet research
> material
> and not so much a job of censoring what they can and cannot view on
> their
> own...  Shouldn't we be more like coaches than gatekeepers?  Am I way
> off
> base with this assessment?
>  Aloha y'all - - - Earl J.

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