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Hi to all!
        I'm remiss at sending this message, and apologize for gettin busy
and not getting this done. I want to thank all of you who sent me copies
of your newsletters. At first I got so few that I thought maybe people
weren't doing them. But the next week there were several in the mail every
day. Since most did not have email addresses with them, I could not thank
you individually by email. But I do want to recognize the schools whose
newsletters I received. I was really impressed by them, and I know a lot
of work goes into this regular communication. Very valuable! Thanks again
to these schools: Lakeview Intermediate, Stow, OH; F. C. Martin
Elementary, Miami; Chatfield High School, Littleton; St. Mark School,
Burlington, Ontario; Hickory County High School, Urbana, MO; Logan
Township Elementary, Swedesboro, NJ; Fort McCoy School, Fort McCoy, FL;
Stangel Elementary, Manitowoc, WI; Central High School, Traverse City, MO;
and the Professional Library of Portland Public Schools. And I'll just bet
that I've forgotten some. I apologize if I did and thank you all again.

The LM_NET people have given me so much help this year. Information,
support, humor - I appreciate you all so much. Thanks to you I have lived
through my first year as a school librarian, and am looking forward to
next year. Of course, I still have to survive the end of the year, and

Magi Evans
Crest View Elementary
Boulder, CO

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