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Warning:  I'm getting on my soapbox, feel free to delete now....

I am appalled that members of my profession are attacking the validity of
ALA having a link to Columbia University's Health Education Program, which
includes AskAlice. The entire Alice site is a great resource for young
adults and adults alike.  Many of our teenage students don't get adequate
information from their families or schools about any of the topics presented
(relationships, sexuality, sexual health, emotional health, drugs, general
health, etc.).  The answers to the questions in the AskAlice section are
respectful, straight-forward, and accurate.  Our teenage students need this
kind of information and often feel they cannot talk to an adult.  Instead
they talk to their friends and perpetuate misinformation which could cost
them their lives.

To equate this site with Playboy shows a lack of ability to discriminate
between truly informative content and prurient entertainment.  If people
find this site unacceptable, they don't have to visit it.  Our profession is
in a sad state when we cannot put our personal biases aside and provide
information our students need.

Getting off my soapbox now....

Julie Anderson, Librarian
Liberty High School, a National Blue Ribbon School
Renton, WA  (425) 837-4901

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