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I somehow missed the original post, but when I saw a response with this
subject line, I decided to chime in.

We have little to no parental participation during back to school night or
conferences.  During my first one last year we had under 10 visitors, annd
this included 2 Board members, my aunt and uncle (who had to come for their
daughter) and my parents (who wanted to be nice.) We decided to give out
$1.00 off fines coupon or $1.00 free photocopies coupon.  The few kids who
have them show the other kids and they in turn ask how to get them.  So, I
hope this will get more parents in.  Also, I want to put a flyer out by the
entrance inviting the parents to come.  Also, it helps when the principal
announces an invitation to come in also.  A previous principal did this (not
our currnet one) and from what I understand this brought more people in.)
Also, we have an easel I would like to put up by the library wing entrance
that invites them in.  We have such nice stuff, I want as many parents to
come in as possible.  The kids can't tell their parents we have nothing for
them when they see the stuff we have!  And, if nothing else, it would give us
something to do during those 2 hours other than stare at each other.

Sharon McLarney
Teacher-Librarian Extraordinaire, Class of 2002 Advisor
Sayreville War Memorial HS
Sayreville, NJ

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