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I just saw Janet Perry's explanation of how her media center color-codes
easy books, and thought I would share our similar system, since Janet said
many were interested.

Instead of using colored dots, we use a strip of colored tape with the call
letters written on it in black Sharpie marker.  This lets the students get
used to seeing call letters on the spine but still gives us the advantage
of color.  We label each shelf with a matching color strip with the
appropriate letter.  It is incredibly easy, with this system, to see
out-of-place books.  Even the kindergarteners can put books back on the
correct shelf, and the colored tape seems to help them remember to put the
books away with spines facing out.

We were able to purchase 23 different colors of tape from Highsmith.  For
the remaining 3 letters, we use a combination of white with a colored
stripe top and bottom (made with a marker); we use these for the smallest
sections -- I, Q, and X in our case.

We really recommend this system.  It takes a little effort to get
everything labeled, but from then on life is much easier!


Gail Faughn, Media Specialist
Astoria Park Elementary School
2465 Atlas Road
Tallahassee, Florida 32303
(850) 488-4673

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