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Dear LM_NET Colleagues,

We have stayed pretty close to our purpose in discussing these two very
emotional issues, and I want to thank you all for remembering that school
library services is where we should be focused on LM_NET. For those who
would like a bit of guidance, here is what we have to say in our Welcome
to LM_NET message about our basic purpose:

   Conversation on LM_NET should focus on the topics of interest to
   the school library media community, including the latest on school
   library media services, operations, and activities.  It is a list
   for practitioners helping practitioners, sharing ideas, solving
   problems, telling each other about new publications and up-coming
   conferences, asking for assistance or information, and linking
   schools through their library media centers.

   The LM_NET discussion is open to ALL school library media specialists -
   worldwide- and people involved with the school library media field.
   It is _not_ for general librarians or educators.  We want to keep the
   activity and discussion focused on school library media.  But, the
   mailing list can be used by library media people for many different
   things-- to ask for input, share ideas and information, link programs
   that are geographically remote, make contacts, etc.

Many thanks!

Peter Milbury, Co-owner of LM_NET          pmilbury@ericir.syr.edu
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