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Claudia Mahlman's note about overhead projector bulbs certainly hit a chord
with me.  Our problem is not EYB bulbs, but the ENX bulbs used by our Elmo
projectors, purchased when we built our new building in 1985.

We have also changed to different brands, and this had made no difference.
"Modifying" the projectors (done by the AV repair people) by putting some
kind of conductive tape in them has not helped.  We have been told to never
move the machines when the lamps are hot and not to touch the lamps while
putting them in, but the trouble continues.  I can spend up to $1,500.00
dollars on these babies a year, and we don't have unlimited funds!  Other
librarians in our county seem to have the same problem.

The older overheads don't seem to use as many bulbs.  I often wonder if this
has something to do with the fact that most of them have a seperate fan
switch.  We can turn off the light, but not turn off  the fan, in order to
"cool the lamp."  No more -- I understand that this was changed as a safety
measure, to keep people from getting cut by the fans, etc.

I wonder, also,if the overhead projector makers and the bulb markers are in

I do notice that the people who use the most bulbs are those who say they
"run the projector constantly" or say "you've got to have a bulb; I'll be
lost without it!"  My classroom projector, used sporadically, is a bulb miser.

I think we need to let those overhead projector manufacturers know that we're
getting fed up, and are going to go to computer projection systems if they
don't figure this one out :>) !

Katrina Larkin
Fort McCoy School
PO Box 2100
Fort McCoy, FL  32134

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