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I think that as the information person in the school it is helpful when we
can share information that helps others in our buildings get through this
nightmare.  There has been a tremendous rush to judgement about the parents
in this case.  Several news commentators have said over and over that
Dylan's parents had to know he was going to do it because his father called
the police during the shooting and offered to help if his son was involved.
Tonight on CNN there was an interview with the mother of the Brown boy whom
Eric had threatened on his web site.  When she learned from her kids that
Eric was involved in the shooting she rushed over to Dylan's parents house
because her son told her that Dylan and Eric were still best friends.  Mrs..
Brown had known Dylan's family since kindergarten.  When she told his
parents what was happening and that Dylan could be involved, that was when
his father called the police to try to help if he could.  In Eric's case it
has been said repeatedly that the Marines turned him down because he was
taking medicine for manic-depression.  Since I don't think you can get that
over-the-counter, his parents must have had him seeing some kind of a
professional for treatment.  All over the country, people are rushing in
with their pet theories and solutions.  Here in Montana after several bomb
threats, Bozeman schools have forbidden students to bring backpacks to
school and forbidden locks on lockers.  Other schools have outlawed trench
coats and all black clothing.  People are talking about not allowing any
Internet access at schools, etc. etc.  We as educators have got to get
people to reason together for realistic, affordable, and logical ways to
deal with a problem which may have no solution.  I certainly think that
anything we do now ought to be looked at as emergency steps to deal with a
crisis, until we all have a lot more information on what did and did not
happen in Littleton.

Vicki Sherouse, Librarian
Sentinel High School
Missoula, Montana

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