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Hi, Netters.

Just had to share this funny with you.  I initiated a project this year
called Cherokee County Memories.  I talked the World History and English
II Honors teachers into a joint project on local history. (They're
really young and easy to convince).

I told them that I would build a county history website if their honor
students (all 10th graders)  would go out and interview senior citizens
in our community and then transcribe the interviews.  I had already
convinced our principal to purchase hand-held microcassette recorders
for the  project.  The students interviewed some really neat
characters,transcribed the tape recordings during World History, and
then corrected and edited them in their English class.  We discussed
copyright and they had the interviewees sign a release in order to use
the interviews and
any photos online.  they also did research on local communities and
settlements in the area and I took this opportunity to discuss
plagiarism and citing sources.

Anyway, they have finally finished typing their interviews, and we (the
teachers and I) chose about 25 interviews to go on our webpage.  I asked
the students to save their interviews on a disk and turn them in to me
in order to make my job easier.  Tonight I was proofing a very good
interview of an 86-year old resident, before converting it to HTML and
my eye caught one question.

The 15-year old interviewer asked "What kind of music did you listen to
when you were a teenager?  (keep in mind that the interviewee,  born in
1913, would have been a teenager in the 1920's and 30's.)  My student
translated what he heard, literally, because, of course, he had NO idea
who any of these musicians were.  The student typed the answer, Ted
Williams, Gaylon Bardow, and The Horse Heights.

My two teachers, who graded these interviews are 21 and 24 years old.
They, being of more recent vintage, didn't notice anything odd about
this answer, either.

I knew the student probably hadn't gotten the names right, so I wracked
my brain but I couldn't come up with any musicians or bands resembling
what he had typed.  I searched for Ted Williams, Gaylon Bardow, Horse
Heights, but no luck.  Finally, I did a search on 1920's music and
scrolled through the whole list of music/musicians.

I tried to think like a 15-year-old and after searching a while I had to
laugh out loud.  Ted Williams, Gaylon Bardow and the Horse Heights
were.........Ted Weems, Guy Lombardo, and Horace Heidt.

Who says the Internet isn't handy?

Becky S.

P.S.  I'm nowhere near finished with the Cherokee County Memories page,
but if you want a sneak preview of an unfinished work, you can find it
at http://www.tyler.net/ruskhslib/Interviews/cherokee.htm

Becky Smith             District Librarian
Rusk ISD             mailto:bsmith@lcc.net
Rusk, Texas  75785

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