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A few days ago I had mentioned that I ran a Teen Makeover Night at a local
public Library.  Since, along with messages congratulating me on my
graduation, I have received about a dozen requests for details on the

Promo Materials:

1. Posters- I used a clip-art picture of a clown's head.
            Over the clown, in big red letters:

        Girls! Don't be the Prom Clown,
        Learn to do Make-up Right!

    Under the clown, I had (in 2 columns):

                FREE!                   FREE!
               Personal                Make-up
         Beauty Consultations          Prizes
            by  Mary Kay &             Food
           Santangelos Salons          FUN!

        Where:   Blankety-blank Branch Library
                  123 Whatever Street
                  Phone 123-4567

        When:    Wednesday, April 28th
                  6:30-8:00 PM

                   Seating Is Limited
                   Register in Advance
                 All Teen Girls Welcome!

2. Flyers/Registration Forms: Set page up in Landscape orientation,
        two columns.  On front was Event info, on rear was the
        parental permission/registration form.

   Three weeks before the event, these were put at circ desk & distributed
    to local school libraries, scout groups, churches.


I called a Mary Kay rep in the phone book and Santangelos Salon and they
were happy to send reps to do the skin care, make-up, and hair

My Avon lady gave me a bunch of free samples, and about 6 full-size
products (for door prizes).  I bought some party bags (pink) and
filled them with the samples.  I also spent about $25 on hair pretties,
nail polish, etc. to make a few more door prizes and pink plastic

I scrounged up donations of donut holes, bulk cookies, chips & dip,
Hawaiian Punch; borrowed my great aunt Delia's punch bowl, etc

My biggest problem was that the librarian wanted to have a display of
books on beauty there.  Most were pretty old, and I was
afraid the kids would just laugh at them.  I mentioned the problem to
my Godmother, who is a former Camp Fire Girl Leader, and she was able to
get a local group of leaders to donate (to the library) about $60 worth of
books and a MTV House of Style Beauty video.

I prepared for 25, actually had 15 show up.  15, however, was perfect for
the time slot.  More would have been bedlam.

And they were just so darn cute!!

I think that's about it.

Dawn M. Sardes
former MLS Student at SUNY Buffalo
future YA Librarian (as of July)
Cumberland County Public Libraries, NC
dmsardes@acsu.buffalo.edu or

                        Absence of occupation is not rest,
                        A mind quite vacant is a mind distressed.
                                William Cowper, 1731-1800

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