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The elementary students have the Show Me Book Awards and the middle
school students have the Mark Twain Book Awards.  At the high school
level all I can find for Missouri students is The Heartland Award
which includes middle and high schools .  Many of the books aren't on
the level I would like to see for a high school.   How many of you
out there would be interested in seeing a new fiction reading list
for Missouri high school students from which they must read a certain
number of books and then vote on their favorite?  Some people have
told me that their isn't enough interest out there.  Please ask your
English teachers if they would be willing to participate in this
endeavor.  Maybe we'll call it the Gateway Book Awards.  If there's
enough interest perhaps we can convince MASL to support us.  Can we
get our high school students reading and excited about participating
in this?  Please e-mail me directly.  If there is any interest I will
post a hit.  If you are interested in being on a book nominating
committee, please let me know.  Thanks!

Sally Hatton
Library Media Specialist
Willow Springs High School
215 W. 4th Street
Willow Springs, MO  65793

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