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Dear Netters:

I am about to embark on my first automated inventory using our new
Winnebago Spectrum system. I am going into the archives to "read all
about it" and am writing for two reasons:

(1) to see if any of you have suggestions of things I need to do to
prepare and execute this with Winnebago Spectrum - as I have NEVER done
one automatically and expect that I will make horrendous blunders. I
plan to put my computer on a cart and wheel it around the room with a
long power cord. But what else? Shelf reading etc...Assume I know very

(2) to see if those of you who use Winnebago Spectrum might be
interested in getting an
email list* going among LM_NETters to talk about things/ask questions of
each other specific to Winnebago Spectrum... This would be a
non-commercial group!

Please reply to me directly at my HOME address to respond to either of
these issues. TIA

*P.S. I had compiled just such a listing a long while back but stupidly
created a list from each individual address and then went back and
deleted each individual name. You can imagine my surprise when I opened
the list after carefully deleting each individual entry and found that
my list was empty! It was my first attempt at creating a list. As they
say, experience IS the best teacher. I will do better this time around.
Jody Newman
Library Aide
Center School
Stow MA
newjody@massed.net (school)
jcnewma@ibm.net (home)

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