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I have been pondering the issue of information access myself.  The
statement made by another on this topic echoes a struggle I am
dealing with.  Why would we provide access to a site with
information  when we wouldn't buy a book with the same
information in it to place in the collection?

The library used to be a place that parents could know that their
children were going to be "safe" intellectually from access to
massive amounts of really extreme harmful information.  Now that
is not the case. Of course there is much more great stuff than
harmful stuff......

Maybe it is because there aren't standards of right and wrong and
good and evil and everyone is so afraid of offending someone. Let's
face it--all information is not edifying. Is saying the parents need to
monitor what children do and be with them every moment at the
library saying that librarians don't want to be responsible for what
they provide?  Who really needs to know how to build a pipe
bomb?  Is the person that provides access to information
responsible for what is done with it?

Just mulling things over.......
Debbie Reed
Elementary Librarian
California Elementary School
205 S. Owen
California, Mo. 65018

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