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Nina, et al --

You wrote:
 >>.........But anyone who'd ever been into the library at Sunnydale High
School would have to admit he hadn't exactly created an enviornment
conductive to learning.

          Good to see another Buffy fan on-line.  Of course I have a personal
interest as I was the librarian at Torrance HS, where Buffy is taped, for 18
years.  So I was Giles.  I met Angel once on an airflight, but my real crush
is Willow, that ideal student who can take over for a dead teacher or brew up
a Wiccan spell in an emergency.  Her innocent intensity is a delight.
          I can assure you that is not the THS library they show on screen.
Ruth Pearson created a wonderful collection and helped design the building.
It was a marvelous facility within which to do the kinds of things we did
back in the 70s.  Media production, video production, cross-subject projects,
with huge budgets and five people on staff (two credentialed librarians).  It
could hold six classes at one time, though I usually limited it to four.
          Unfortunately THS turned into the HellMouth when they got a new
principal in the 80s.  I was one of many who bailed and found life elsewhere.
 I see the girls are moving on to college, just as the 90210 folks did after
they were done with THS.  There's supposed to be a spin-off with Angel (and
Cordelia?) but I can't picture that so far.  I love the show for its writing
and humor.  Buffy Night at the Moore household is a religous experience -- I
even turn off the Dodgers!  Though it was a bit creepy to hear the Mayor use
that "trenchcoat" comment last night.

Richard K. Moore, Librarian
Bolsa Grande High School
Garden Grove, CA
E-mail:  richard.moore@ggusd.net
I don't fancy the next two weeks trying to get Librarian out
 of the carpet.         -- Spike, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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