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I will have to give you the "set up" to appreciate the story--I am
the first professional librarian my school has had.  For 10 years the
school existed with aides.  The computer technician is especially
impressed that I can direct a student to the correct call numbers
(usually) without looking in a catalog when I get the "Where are the
dinosaur books?" questions...She has happened to be in the room when I
have done this.
    Recently she was in the library when a 4th grader arrived to check
out a book for a report.  I knew the assignment specified that the book
have at least 75 pages.  This was a student DETERMINED to read no more
that absolutely necessary.  He tried to get a picture book...He had
already tried to check out 2-3 books and I would send him back.  (He was
also DETERMINED *NOT* to approach the cart upon which I had preselected
about 50 books that would have met the needs  of the assignment.)  The
computer person and I were across the room, and I said to him, "Put that
back, I happen to know it has only 32 pages and will not be acceptable."
She was astounded and said, "You know the number of PAGES in the books
too!"  I wish you could have seen the look on her face.  I let her
remain astounded for a few minutes before I told her how I knew which
books had 32 pages.
   ..I found out she is telling everyone that I am so knowledgeable,
that I know the PAGES in books, not just subject matter.
.....At least I have one person believing "Librarians Rule."
Mary Croix Ludwick   ludwick@swbell.net (home)
Librarian, Owen Elem.,The Colony, Texas
Lewisville ISD(north of Dallas)   K-5

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