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This was going to be a personal response, but as I wrote it, I realized
how stronlgy I feel about this kind of participation, and so I post this
to all on the list.

I would always belong to my state organization no matter who pays for
it (and I usually do personally).  I have been active - very active - over
the 20 years of membership and have never regretted it.  At the moment I
am editor of the journal - have been for over 3 years and really do enjoy
it very much.  I also belong to ALA and AASL.  It would never occur to me
to pick YALSA over AASL since the latter is geared so much more closely to
what I do as a school media specialist (high school, Cath., college prep.,
over 1000 students).  I pay for this also.  At times I find it galling
because the ALA bunch can be incredibly arrogant toward school people, but
I still belong because in numbers there is strength.  I figure in the
grand scheme of moneys available, I am fortunate.  Membershhip will not
break me.  Frankly, I consider both investments in my own future as well
as that of others.  But back to the beginning - local and state first.
And pay forwards by participating as a leader.  Don't let anyone else do
it for you.

Kari Inglis

PS - I almost forgot to mention all the stuff you get over the ALA web
site.  Granted one does not need to be a member to do so, but I feel that
if I did not, I would be less than honest when I used their information.

Kari Inglis, Media Coordinator   kbw_inglis@k12.mecdc.net
Bishop Watterson High School
99 E. Cooke Rd.
Columbus, OH  43214        Tel: 268-8671   Fax: 614-268-0551

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