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Here in Bismarck we are investigating 4 automation systems and asking for
information on those systems in regard to resource sharing. We want a union
catalog and we want to run it on a Windows platform.

What we have been involved here is a consortium situation (on Dynix) with
public, academic and other school libraries in which we have all resources
in one database and our patrons can put holds on materials.  We have
decided that the Dynix system is too costly for us and are pulling out of
that consortium, but we don't want to lose the ability to share our
resources with the others and among ourselves.

Are there any schools out there that are in a situation similar to ours, in
which you are now sharing resources with other types of libraries, but you
are NOT in their database?  We would like to know which system you are on,
how the requests for materials are placed from a library and how the
materials are then sent from one library to another (how long does it take
to fill a request?)  With all the talk of state libraries connecting within
a state now and with Z39.50 client and server capabilities, we want to make
sure we choose a system that will connect with other systems.  So, what we
need is to find out if anyone else is doing this right now and how it's

Thanks for any information you can share with us!

Konnie Wightman, Library Coordinator
Bismarck Public Schools
1107 Airport Road
Bismarck, ND  58504
Office:  701-221-3597
Fax: 701-221-3454

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