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But Adam, since Happy99 is not a virus, but a trojan, it may not be
detected by antivirus programs. Many times a person won't know about
it until an email is sent. I think we've been hit enough times to
know what to do.

Rather than berating her, I sent Pam a link to a freeware program
that will clean Happy99 off the pc.

I'm sure most of us don't send ourselves test messages every day to
check what else our email is sending out.

Dan Robinson
Indexing Services
H.W. Wilson Company
Bronx, NY

On  6 May 99 at 13:38, Adam Janowski, Library Media wrote:

> I was savvy enough to immediately delete the message with the Happy99
> virus file.  Some people will not be so lucky.  I know an apology was
> sent, but this really was a VERY bad mistake.  Why take the chance of
> infecting others?  I really can't understand a professional person doing
> that, regardless of their comfort level with computers. I don't have
> much sympathy for that person.  If in doubt, don't do it!  Adam
> --
> Adam Janowski, Library Media Specialist
> Naples High School Library Media Center, Naples, Florida
> Email: nhslmc@mediaone.net  Website: www.se.mediaone.net/~nhslmc

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