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Could help but relay the letter in The Guardian Weekly (May 2/99) as,
hopefully, a final tribute to the -gry question.

"According to a Canadian friend, there are three words in the English
language ending "-gry".  They are angry, hungry - and what?"

"The questioner's friend has heard a garbled version of the original
riddle, which was : "There are a number of words endinging in "-gry" :
hungry and angry are two, but what is the third word in the English
language?  The answer : language  (the third word in "the English
language") - Andrew Ormerod, Kew, London

Interestingly enough, a second letter did what we LM_Netters did, try to
provide a list, including GRY was a name proposed by John Locke for one
hundredth of an inch.

Okay, okay, here's the others in the list :  aggry (a kind of African
bead), ahungry, anhungry, begry, bewgry, borough-mongry, bowgry, braggry,
cottagry, higry pigry, iggry, losengry, margry, malgry, maugry, meagry,
menagry, messagry, nangry, podagry, pottingry, puggry, skugry, and vegry.
All listed in the Oxford English Dictionary.

And they say librarians don't have any fun?????

Earl Sande
Secondary School Librarian
International School of Tanganyika
Post Office Box 2651
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
(e-mail :  sandes@wilken-dsm.com)

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