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Dear LM-Netters,

I am coordinating a two week summer school program. We are targetting
students in our low-income area who we feel could benefit from extra
practice in reading and math. We are having a baseball theme. We will
attend a minor league baseball game, read and write about baseball, use
baseball as a basis for math, learn how to play baseball, etc.

We found a great book that we were planning to purchase for each student.
It's Baseball: Basics for Beginners that is published by Kids Can Press
Ltd, Toronto. But our Brentano's bookstore was only able to get 19 copies
from the Ingram's warehouse. Do you know of another source for this
title? Or do you know of any other book that tells about baseball rules
that is available in paperback? It has to be relatively cheap and easy to
read. This one retails for $3.50 and we were able to get a discount off

I have a software program that uses baseball to teach math but I've
forgotten it's name right now.

Do you have any other materials, books, lesson plans, or web sites that
could be used with a baseball theme? I appreciate your help and will post
a hit. I have been purchasing a lot of new baseball books for the library
and will include those titles.

Belinda Holbrook
Media Specialist
Madison School
Davenport, IA

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