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> I am concerned about someone accidentally sending the Happy99 virus to the
> entire list.  How does one accidentally send an attachment? Please advise
> what list guidelines are for this sort of problem.  Will the person be
> asked to unsubscribe from the list? If not, I feel a strong need to
> unsubscribe.  I don't want to put my system at risk because someone
> "Accidentially "  sends me a virus.

You might want to avoid the internet altogether then, because people
send viruses by accident every day. In fact, I would venture to
guess that most viruses are spread unknowingly.

Meanwhile, the preferred alternative to unsubscribing might be to
make sure your computer has virus protection software installed -- taking a
preventive approach vs reactive. I've been online since 1991
and, knock on wood, have not contracted a virus yet. I watched
today's happy99 come and go by without a hitch. Hit the delete key
and went on with life.

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