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I am beginning to think about next year.  Since I just have fifth graders I
want the students to spend time looking at all the books in the fall.  My
mom, a MS in FL, makes her students (K-6) check-out one fiction and one
non-fiction.  I had thought of doing that, but thought it would be fun to
have students check out books from each of the ten Dewey classes as well as
the biography section.

I see so many books that the kids would like if they actually saw the book,
but many do not even look in certain areas.  I thought of saying one
fiction, one non-fiction until they have checked out a book fom each Dewey
class.  Anyone have ideas or things you have done in the past that has
worked.  I don't want to booktalk a certain section on a certain week,
because I have few books in certain sections.  Thanks for any help you can
offer.  I will post a hit if there is interest.

Megan Volmer  - volmerm@fort-mill.k12.sc.us
Media Specialist
Banks Street Elementary School
Fort Mill, SC  29715

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