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Dear Friends:
Budget time is here and our school is looking at my position as LMS for a =
400+ K-6 elementary school as expendable.  Although I am leaving for New =
York state and (hopefully) another school library, I hate to leave here =
knowing that the 7-12 LMS is going to be teaching "library skills"  while =
two full-time aides deal with "reading a story or showing a video" to our =
students.  =

We have been a very busy part of the school, implementing Accelerated =
Reader, organizing the library and enhancing the curriculum, teaching =
research skills and, basically, running the highest quality program we =
could.  My role as teacher of literature is the one most threatened by the =
loss of the position.  Do any of you have information or guidance as to =
research correlating reading scores with staffed elementary libraries, and =
also, the costs involved in rebuilding a program once the decision is made =
to restore the librarian position.  When I was in New York recently, I =
interviewed in some districts which were re-hiring and renovating =
libraries after having cut the district elementary positions in 1994 or =
1995.  They were talking about adding money to their standard library =
budgets for upgrading, along with summer employment for the new librarian =
to audit the collection remaining and establish goals for renewal.  Has =
anyone seen any information on these costs?  The Superintendent and Elem. =
Principal tell me they haven't made a final decision, so I think if given =
research supporting the position, they might look elsewhere for budget =
cuts. =

 Please respond to my address and I will assemble a hit list. Thank you in =
advance for your help.

Kathy Adin, LMS
Wellsville Elementary School
Wellsville, Kansas

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