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Several people asked for a hit on this procedure, so here it is.  I know
you'll find just the right one that suits your system.  It really was
very simple, not the big pain I thought it would be.

I use Netscape, but not Gold but it is prob similar.  Look on the menu
bar for "window". Go to "bookmarks".  It should open a window with all
of your bookmarks listed.  Just highlight the one(s) you want to
delete.  Then back up in the menu try "edit" and "delete bookmark."
Another good thing to do if you have a lot of bookmarks is to slect them
all and then under "item" "sort bookmarks".  It will list them all in
alphabetical order for you.  I just did an inservice for 17 teachers
today on that very thing.

Just click on bookmarks
click on edit bookmarks
click on the bookmark you want to delete and either hit the delete key,
or right click and go down to delete.

Go into your list of bookmarks.  Point to the one you want to delete
then click the right mouse button and delete it.

Go to bookmarks or edit bookmarks.  Highlight the one you want to
remove.  Drag down from edit to delete.  Release mouse button and it's
gone.  You can also rearrange your valuable bookmarks, put them into
folders and name the folders (like HEALTH).  It is kind of fun to play
with.  I periodically delete the many student and teacher set bookmarks.

Under Add Bookmarks
and then Edit
And then Delete.

I'm not sure if that is a 3.x or a 4.x version.  With the 4.x, I have
the option "edit bookmarks" when I click on bookmarks, then I can
highlight one and touch my "delete" key.

On the Netscape I have I click on bookmarks, them on More Bookmarks at
the bottom of the list of bookmarks.  In the format that then comes up I
right click on the bookmark I wish to remove, then click on delete in
the box that comes up.

Unless you have on of the "childproofed" setups you can use the
Bookmarks pulldown menu.  At the top click on Edit Bookmarks.  Select
the offending (or just uninteresting) bookmark and hit the Delete key.
If your Netscape has been childproofed and is unreachable from there,
the more delicate option is to use whatever permissions it takes to get
to a DOS editor and edit the file bookmarks.htm.  Make a backup copy
like bookmar.sav just in case.  Delete carefully the line with the
unwanted bookmark and save.

Lizz Timmons
Librarian, Sagamore Hill Elementary
Fort Worth, TX
ltdiva@airmail.net    (home)

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