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At the Texas Library Assoc. convention, I attended an event discussing
getting the interest of reluctant readers.  The speaker was Kylene Beers
from University of Houston.
    She gave this tip: Reluctant readers find the choices in a library
overwhelming.  To help them select from a smaller quantity, she has a
box in the library labeled "Good Books" in which she places some "drop
dead" good books.  The reluctant readers are more comfortable selecting
from this box....After awhile she added a 2nd box, labeled "More Good

   Here is her comparison of Avid Readers VS Reluctant/Struggling

Avid Readers                     Struggling Readers
They want to                       They want to:
1. Choose own books               1. Choose own books from limited
                                   or narrow choice.
2. Have teacher read aloud        2.Have teacher read aloud entire
  a few pages of book               book.
3. Meet the author.               3. Compare movie to book.
4. Buy books at book fair.        4. Read illustrated books.
5. Keep a reading journal.        5. Do art activiites based on books.
6. Go to library                  6. Read atypicla non fiction
7. Participate in panel
  debates, small group discussions,
  or share ideas with a friend.

They do NOT want to:               They do NOT want to:
1. Write book reports.             1. Meet the author.
2. Do many art activiites.         2. Buy books at book fair.
3. Hear the teacher read aloud     3. Go to the library
   the entire book
                                   4. Read for a charity.
                                   5. Keep a reading journal.
                                   6. Participate in panel debates,
                                   small group discussions, or share
                                   books with a friend.


Mary Croix Ludwick, MLS    B.B. Owen Elementary K-5
Lewisville ISD,  The Colony, Texas (near Dallas)
ludwickm@lisd.net (school)   ludwick@swbell.net (home)

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