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Pat Moore says: "librarians are choosing to link their
automated library catalog to the library web page so that with a click,
students can open the library catalog without having to go to the menu or
find a library icon to click on."

This can be done on the ALICE library software we use at Hinchingbrooke.
Originally Australian, ALICE can be output as an OPAC which is in Web
format. In other words your data can be made available on the Web. We
expect to use this soon for our school Intranet, giving all users access to
the catalogue anywhere in the school and later if there is a demand, on our
Website for all users.
I can't give full details as I have not yet used it in school.
I don't expect users to borrow over the Web, but as we continue to add not
only multi-media resources to our catalogue, Web sites will be included too
so online users could use our catalogue as a portal for their online as
well as their book audio and video research.

ALICE is produced by Softlink and I've just looked up their Website at
http://softlink.com.au/index.htm where I found a module called remote
enquiry. That MAY be the same as I've described above. Best contact them at
info@softlink.com.au .

Best wishes

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