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        Since Peter was nice enough to let us post notices regarding our own=
 publications, I would like to mention mine. It is a little thing (46 pages)=
 with a limited market and I make no money on it. If you have ever been=
 asked questions about the emancipation of minors in Oregon, this may be=
 what you are looking for. It is intended for reference use in high school=
 or public libraries.

 "Emancipation of Minors: A Guide for the State of Oregon". The price was=
 $4.00 per copy including postage before the rates went up. You might check=
 in case they had to raise it. Copies may be purchased from the publisher:=
 The Jackson County Commission on Children and Families, 1005 East Main St.,=
 Medford, OR 97504.

I created this resource after noticing a hole in the reference collection at=
 our public library. The reference staff had a copy of the ORS but did not=
 know where to send their patrons for more information, so I spent last=
 summer putting this together. The Oregon legislature left the details of=
 emancipating minors to the 36 individual counties. As of two years ago,=
 almost every county had its own method and there was no reference source=
 that told where or how to begin this procedure. There is also a lot of=
 confusion as to what an emancipated minor is and is not entitled to do. I=
 have explained the law as simply as I can with lots of references for=
 further information. I then reviewed this with the director of our local=
 juvenile department to be sure that my interpretation is correct. There are=
 listings for each of the 36 counties, with addresses and telephone numbers=
 for more information on the law and the procedure. I fully expect that now=
 that this is finished and published the procedures will change.=20

I don't know how it is done in other states but if it is anything like=
 Oregon a guide is needed for each state. You too could spend your summer=
 vacation interviewing juvenile department directors. I will be glad answer=
 questions or try to find a copy if the JCCC&F are out. I am not an=
 attorney; I'm an elementary school media specialist with an MLS, so if you=
 need legal advice I can't help you. In fact, all through it I keep advising=
 inquirers to consult an attorney before proceeding.

Georgia Richards
Library Media Specialist
Walker Elementary School
Ashland, Or=20

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