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Hi friends,
   I am about to send in the shelflist from my elementary
library to have it converted to the Athena automation system.
This is my first time automating, and I want to save myself as
much work next fall as possible.  I would like to have as much
entered in through the retrospective conversion process as I
   My question:  In order to have students easily see reading
levels for titles when they search, where/how should I have the
company doing my retrospective conversion enter in the reading
level data?  (It doesn't correstpond exactly with the reading
levels that publishers give, and I want the exact levels,
according to the Accelerated Reading tests ...)  What is the
best place to have that data entered, so students can search by
reading level?
   This is a question I will ask the Athena  tech support
people, but I wanted to ask this group, too, because I'm sure
some of you have insight into this!  I know this is a busy time
for us all (when is it not, in this profession???), but need
some advice.
   Thanks a lot in advance for any insight into this you can
give me.  Please email me directly with any information you care
to share.

Chris Murphy
Media Specialist
Irving Elementary
Waterloo, IA 50702
murphy.kenneth@mcleodusa.net  (home)
irvmc@waterloo.k12.ia.us  (work)

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